• Physics Matters Textbook 4ed GCE O Level E-Book Bundle

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    • ISBN Code: 9789813164420
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Charles Chew
    • Published Date: 06 Jun 2018


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Physics Matters is designed to promote learning with understanding while cultivating essential 21st century competencies. Students are engaged in their learning as they build foundational knowledge and develop critical higher-order thinking skills.
Learning concepts are engaging and easy with attractive infographics that simplify complex information to aid conceptual understanding. Marshall Cavendish's carefully designed activities enable experiential learning while authentic contexts show conceptual connections to real-life.
Triggers Learning through Inquiry
Attractive and stunning visuals in each chapter opener capture the interest and engage students, arousing their curiosity on the chapter
A short write-up and Let's Explore questions lead students to think about the concepts, encouraging discussion and exploration
Infographics break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand bite-sized pieces to help students grasp complex concepts easily
Abstract concepts are made easier to visualize with diagrams and explanations
Ample practice questions, including challenging and data-based questions, nurture higher-order thinking skills and agile minds that are able to apply concepts on novel situations
The Textbookcan be used in a school or home setting for 9th-11th grade students. It can be read independently; although there are numerous questions given in the margin for discussion. Students should have a basic understanding of algebra, how to work with formulas and measurement units, and basic trigonometry.The Physics Matters textbook by Marshall Cavendish contains many investigations of which are not in the Practical Book, but do require basic laboratory apparatus. Expected observations and conclusions are included.
The student textbooks include access to the ebooks at no additional cost.


MPH - Physics Matters Textbook 4ed GCE O Level E-Book Bundle ISBN - 9789813164420