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    • Category : rujukan-agama--lain-lain
    • ISBN Code: 9789675999208
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Syed Faiz Syed Mahmud; Yusry Yusopp
    • Publisher: Pelima Media
    • Published Date: 30 Mar 2012


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Where 1 problem is solved by MANY people,
That is Usrah.
Where happiness is shared TOGETHER,
That is Usrah.
When 1 people forget, OTHERS remind,
That is Usrah.
Instead of hanging out alone, hang out TOGETHER,
That is Usrah.

In short, Usrah is all about WE, not ME.

Let's join any Usrah group today, have fun connecting with people while generating more and more PAHALA, inshaAllah!

Pilihan Staf:

Buku ini banyak memaparkan tip- tip berkesan dan trik yang boleh dipraktikkan dalam Usrah yang bukan sahaja menghiburkan malah bermanafaat berbanding buku Usrah yang lain yang hanya memfokuskan kepada kandungan perbincangan Usrah semata-mata.

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MPH - Tip & Trik Usrah ISBN - 9789675999208