• Jugra Chronicles: Rigih and the Witch of Moon Lake

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    • Category : LEGENDS MYTHS & FABLES
    • ISBN Code: 9789674150853
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Tutu Dutta-Yean
    • Publisher: MPH Publishing
    • Published Date: 01 May 2013


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Although it has been three years since Miyah's disappearance, her brother Bongsu is plagued by nightmares of his sister in the grip of a dark shadow. But no one in Tapoh believes Bongsu, not even Rigih, who is trying to forget his encounter with the fearful hantu rimba. Furthermore, he and his circle of friends: Temaga, Suru and Malidi, are struggling with adolescence—and their feelings for one another.

Things come to a head when one of them is abducted. Was it the same hantu who took Miyah, or the dreaded penyamun, silent marauders of the forest, who are even threatening the protected enclave of Tanjungpura? On top of this are whispers of the shape-shifting remaung, a creature of legend which leaves behind cursed objects to ensnare its victims.

When Bongsu finally convinces Rigih to revisit Nenek Kebayan, she takes them to meet the witch of the fabled Moon Lake Village. Here, the boys learn of their hidden lineage, and a shocking secret about Bongsu—a secret which enables the witch to uncover the true nature of the hantu! This knowledge gives them a glimmer of hope that they may, finally, free Miyah from the clutches of the forest demon.

This is the sequel to Miyah and the Forest Demon in the series of The Jugra Chronicles.


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(Average rating 4.67 / 3 ratings / 2 reviews)


MPH - Jugra Chronicles: Rigih and the Witch of Moon Lake ISBN - 9789674150853