• The Daring Rescue (Lucy and the Magic Loom: A Rainbow Loomer's Adventure Story #2)

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    • Category : READING SERIES
    • ISBN Code: 9781634502153
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Downest, Madeline
    • Publisher: Sky Pony Press
    • Published Date: 05 Jan 2016


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Alyssa spent the summer in London with Lucy, best friends united at last! But only hours before she’s set to return to America, Alyssa is nowhere to be found. And neither is the magic loom. Alyssa has run off to the magic world beyond the bookshelf, and Lucy is going to have to follow.

In the magic world, Lucy traces a path Alyssa has left behind until she arrives at the tallest tower of a castle. Alyssa is locked in and has been taken prisoner of an evil king! The tower is filled with toys and games to entertain her, but she’s scared she’ll never see her friends or family again. It’s up to Lucy to come to her rescue!

Lucy tries many different ways to rescue Alyssa, but the king expertly thwarts all her best efforts. But when things get serious and Lucy is stuck in one of the king’s booby traps, he comes to her rescue. Maybe things are not all as they appear. This fun adventure story is about trying to find the best in people and learning that the world isn’t always black and white and things aren’t always as they seem. This story has a happy ending, and readers will delight in another adventure with Lucy and her magic loom.


Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.9 x 0.4 inches


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(Average rating 4.25 / 4 ratings / 1 reviews)

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MPH - The Daring Rescue (Lucy and the Magic Loom: A Rainbow Loomer's Adventure Story #2) ISBN - 9781634502153