• Asian Legends (Malaysia): Bawang Merah,Bawang Putih

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    • Category : PICTURE BOOKS
    • ISBN Code: 9789675222924
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Mohamad Salmi
    • Publisher: MPH Publishing
    • Published Date: 01 Oct 2011


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Bawang Merah lives in the cruel household of her stepmother Mak Kundur and her stepsister Bawang Putih. Although she is constantly bullied, her mother Mak Labu teaches her to be patient in the face of hardship.

Mak Labu makes the mistake of offending Mak Kundur one day, who then pushes Mak Labu into the river. Mak Labu magically transform into a gourami fish, but Mak Kundur's cruelty knows no bounds, and she catches the fish to cook it for Bawang Merah, who now faces a most unforgivable act.


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