• Millie the Mouse Deer: The Curry Puff Challenge

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    • Category : PICTURE BOOKS
    • ISBN Code: 9789674152604
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Kanner, Robert
    • Publisher: MPH Publishing
    • Published Date: 30 Nov 2014


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Millie enters the World's Best Curry Puff Contest only to find herself in trouble when she has to make 1,000 curry puffs in just two days for a big event. Millie finally comes up with a clever plan, and figures out how to make the delivery with the help of her friends.



Staff Review

This is a great story book that teaches the value of friendship with a South East Asian twist. All of Millie's friends are a type of animal from the region, such as, Dottie the jambu fruit dove, Hai the Malaysian Box turtle and Bashir the water buffalo. When she finds that she cannot manage to make a thousand curry puffs, a popular Malaysian fried snack, by herself, all of Millie's friends help her to achieve this feat  to benefit the Society to Feed the Hungry.

An excellent simple story that also includes information on the animals of South East Asia.


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