• Teh Tarik Kaw Wunne!: A Malaysian Smorgasbord

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    • Category : SELF HELP
    • ISBN Code: 9789675428210
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Zaim Al-Amin
    • Publisher: Anggun Publishing (True Wealth Sdn Bhd)
    • Published Date: 01 Jul 2010


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This book is a celebration of life as it is. We go through lots of routine, every single day of our lives. Each and every single us; amongst the billions of similar fellow inhabitants of this planet. And whilst doing that we try to be somewhat better than the next person. And therein lays all the problems in this world. People try to be smarter, richer, holier or simply; different. This book is a collection of articles by the author from his various observations on real (and at times, funny) but otherwise ordinary situations which he tried to make some sense of. He touches on everyday issues such as love and relationships to meaning of life and even to sensitive issues such as race and homosexuality. If you are an expatriate, this book will come a long way in helping you understand what makes Malaysians tick. And all that captured in the author's witty, candid and pleasantly nonchalant manner of writing which has become his signature.



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