• The Secret of the Ages

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    • Category : self-help
    • ISBN Code: 9781585426294
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Collier, Robert
    • Publisher: Tarcher
    • Published Date: 16 Aug 2007


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The author of "Secret of the Ages", Robert Collier, during an active and successful life developed the basic ideas which opened up new vistas of living for countless multitudes of people. Brought up to be a priest, he worked as a mining engineer, an advertising executive and a prolific writer and publisher. His family carries on his quest to help people open up their minds to the potential within themselves and thereby to achieve wealth, success, health and happiness out of life.

Basically his concept is that there isa within each person-unknown to most of us-a sleeping giant who, properly aroused and stimulated can carry us onto happiness, fame and fortune. It is a "Genie-of-the-Brain more powerful, more the servant of our every wish, than was ever Alladin's fabled Genie-of-the-lamp-of old." Robert Collier published books, lessons, and magazines, of which over two million have been distributed, the most successful of which was "Secret of the Ages".


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MPH - The Secret of the Ages ISBN - 9781585426294