• Yeah, No. Not Happening.

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    • Category : SELF HELP
    • ISBN Code: 9780063004221
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Karbo, Karen
    • Publisher: Harper Collins Pub. Uk
    • Published Date: 05 Aug 2020


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Why are we so obsessed with being our so-called best selves? Because our modern culture force feeds women lies designed to heighten their insecurities: "You can do it all--crush it at work, at home, in the bedroom, at PTA and at Pilates--and because you can, you should. We can show you how!"
Karen Karbo has had enough. She's taking a stand against the cultural and societal pressures, marketing, and media influences that push us to spend endless time, energy and money trying to "fix" ourselves--a race that has no finish line and only further increases our send of self-dissatisfaction and loathing. "Yeah, no, not happening," is her battle cry.
In this wickedly smart and entertaining book, Karbo explores how "self-improvery" evolved from the provenance of men to women. Recast as "consumers" in the 1920s, women, it turned out, could be seduced into buying anything that might improve not just their lives, but their sense of self-worth. Today, we smirk at Mad Men-era ads targeting 1950s housewives--even while savvy marketers, aided and abetted by social media "influencers," peddle skin care "systems," skinny tea, and regimens that promise to deliver endless happiness. We're not simply seduced into dropping precious disposable income on empty promises; the underlying message is that we can't possibly know what's good for us, what we want, or who we should be. Calling BS, Karbo blows the lid off of this age-old trend and asks women to start embracing their awesomely imperfect selves.

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(Average rating 4.00 / 94 ratings / 25 reviews)

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