• The Stargazer's Handbook: The Definitive Field Guide to the Night Sky

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    • ISBN Code: 9781848669130
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Sparrow, Giles
    • Publisher: QUERCUS
    • Published Date: 24 Sep 2015


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From the craters of the Moon to the far reaches of Orion, The Stargazer's Handbook will enable you to explore space without leaving the comforts of Earth. All you need are a pair of binoculars and a clear night sky to experience the wonders of the universe. This book will take you on a journey through space, beginning with our own moon and neighbouring planets before exploring the fascinating sights of deep space - from hypergiant suns and stellar nurseries to blazing nebulae and swirling galaxies.

Each star, planet or constellation is fully illustrated and accompanied by an annotated star map, as well as close-up images that zoom in on areas of interest. Featuring up-to-date information on the latest scientific discoveries, monthly sky maps for both northern and southern hemispheres, history and mythology of all 88 constellations and the rationale behind the names of stars and constellations, The Stargazer's Handbook will fully equip you with the tools to navigate - and understand - the night sky. Contents include: The celestial sphere, Circumpolar stars, Equatorial stars, Observing the Solar System, Monthly sky guide, Constellations: Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia, Hercules, Coma Berenices, Aquila and Scutum, Hydra, Capricorn, Eridanus, Caelum and Columba, Puppis and Pyxis, Tuscana, Phoenix and Indus, Dorado and much more.


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MPH - The Stargazer's Handbook: The Definitive Field Guide to the Night Sky ISBN - 9781848669130