• Childhood Matters

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    • Category : GENERAL BOOK - ENGLISH
    • ISBN Code: 9789671452318
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Sudha Kudva
    • Publisher: Sudha Kudva


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How we adults interact with kids makes a big difference.

This book shines a light on three major differences between a child's brain and an adult's brain. When we adults know about these differences, we can understand how much is lost in translation when we interact with children.
Without any intention from our side, children can pick up distorted messages about their own self- worth from our day -to-day interactions with them. This affects their beliefs about themselves and they can make shaky on the inside and defensive on the outside. ‘Upset', ‘angry ‘or ‘super good' behaviors manifest.
When we adults realise that these behaviors are not deliberate and are a symptom of this shaky internal state, we adjust our attitude to the children in our lives. we can stop focusing in their behavior and we can step away from ‘fixing' or ‘rewarding' behavior. We can start to understand how children experience and interpret the world, and we can interact differently and reduce the distorted messages that get through to them.
In time children start feeling less shaky and more secure. Their self-worth grows. They manifest behaviors that show us they have skills of self-reflection, self-confidence and an ability to live responsibly in this world. Childhood does not become ‘baggage' carried into their adult lives.
The author, Sudha Kudva, is a registered and licensed Counsellor, Certified Play Therapist and Supervisor for Play and Creative Art Therapies. In addition she has trained in Couple Therapy, Trauma Work, Regression Therapy and NLP. She has worked with children presenting various behavioral issues including bed-wetting, stealing, lying , pooping inappropriately , sexual abuse and psychosomatic issues. She works systemically with adults- individuals, couples, families and children ranging from 3-81 years old. She also supervises trainees wishing to become play therapists or practitioners of therapeutic play. She also facilities workshops to support adults understand children and speak the language of the child.



MPH - Childhood Matters ISBN - 9789671452318