• The Secrets of Your House Charts: The Little BIG Everything Book on Feng Shui

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    • Category : FENG SHUI
    • ISBN Code: 9789673291410
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Too, Lillian
    • Publisher: Konsep Books
    • Published Date: 31 Dec 2013


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The Secrets of Your House Charts arranges the texts of thousands of years of Chinese traditional practices, summarizing them into easily digestible sections- all in one easy-to-use volume. This book is easy to understand and even easier to use to get your feng shui right. Instructions and guidelines given within are specific and practical, written to explain, clarify and simplify thus making all your placement and timing decisions easy.

Whether for your home, your garden or your work area, get familiar with the objects, images and symbols that have the power to transform negative vibes into good fortune. Learn to diagnose problem areas. Understand the importance of time changes in luck. Master the compass formulas of feng shui. Become specific in your practice of feng shui. And try the secret empowerment rituals that protect, enhance and empower your life.

Included in this book is a comprehensive explanation of feng shui terminology which every reader will find useful. Illustrated with all the most important reference charts and diagrams, this book immediately brings your use of feng shui to a new level of effectiveness.

Written with conviction and great perception, the Secrets of Your House Charts is the definitive feng shui book for modern living.


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