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  • The Power of X Qualifying the 10 Gods

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    • Category : FORTUNE TELLING
    • ISBN Code: 9789670310251
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Yap Joey


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The oft-mentioned topic of the "Quality" of the Five Elements in a BaZi chart and the topic of Missing Elements is finally explained in great detail in the fifth instalment of the Destiny Code series and third part of the Power of X subseries. Qualifying the10 Gods delves into the evaluation of the various degrees of the strong quality of the Five Elements or the 10 Gods, as well as the derivation of suitable solutions to counterbalance the obstacles and challenges of its weak quality. This book will teach you how to assess and interpret the quality of each of the individual 10 Gods within a BaZi chart, in a manner never done before by any BaZi books, be it English or Chinese language texts. All the techniques and methods utilised are thoroughly explained and illustrated with multiple examples to ensure a clear understanding of the underlying concepts and principles involved in evaluating the quality. Take your knowledge of BaZi and your analysis of BaZi to the next level by adding detailed knowledge of how to assess the quality of the individual Five Elements and 10 Gods within BaZi chart. Highlights of this book: Understand what the concept of Quality of an Element and Quality of a 10 God means within the context of BaZi; Techniques to assess the quality of the Five Elements in a BaZi chart; How to rank the quality of the 10 Gods within a chart in terms of quality - which 10 Gods are of Superior, Good and Average quality within a chart?; Understanding the concept of Missing Elements; Step-by-Step method for analysing your own BaZi chart and determining the quality of every single 10 God within your BaZi chart; How to derive conclusions about a person's Character based on the quality of the 10 Gods; How to analyse Wealth, Career, Relationship and Health Matters by determining the quality of the Elements and 10 Gods within a chart; Developing smart action plans to help offset the challenges and obstacles created by poor quality Elements or 10 Gods. This book was written with the novice and intermediate students of BaZi in mind; ideal for those who may not necessarily have the time or immediate inclination to attend professional BaZi classes with a trainer.


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(Average rating 4.56 / 9 ratings / 0 reviews)

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MPH - The Power of X Qualifying the 10 Gods ISBN - 9789670310251