• Your Fate in 2018: The Year of the Dog

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    • Category : FORTUNE TELLING
    • ISBN Code: 9789621465283
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Peter So
    • Publisher: Forms Publications (HK) Co Ltd
    • Published Date: 01 Nov 2017


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Stock market went bullish and peaked at midyear, adhering to the postulation that the stock market dips before it soars in even-numbered years. With the star of minor sickness Er Hei in the East grid, areas in the East of China, such as Taiwan, Japan and the West coast of North America, were subject to more frequent natural and man-made disasters. Flooding struck the West rampantly, with the UK experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years. -from Your Fate in 2014 The stock market soared first and plummeted later It's the year when Wood energy fought with that of Earth to cause repetitious earthquakes in Nepal and Japan. The star of major sickness Wu Huang took up the West grid to bring about the social upheavals in the North African regions and chaos of war in the Republic of Afghanistan. -from Your Fate in 2015 Accurately predicted a bearish stock market at first that turned bullish later in the year, and a volatile property market. Metal fought with Wood to bring social upheavals all over the world The star of gossips and arguments San Bi fell in the South in the Flying Star diagram for Land Luck 8, implying ceaseless struggles and disputes in areas south of China, such as Thailand and Malaysia. -from Your Fate in 2016 The stock market rose first and plummeted afterwards. It was not a good year to buy property for investment as the rental return was not promising The star of major sickness Wu Huang occupied the Southwest grid in the Flying Star diagram for Land Luck #8 to bring about frequent natural and man-made disasters. -from Your Fate in 2017 With 30 years of professional experience, Master Peter So officially stablished the So Sect of Feng Shui practice and consolidated traditional Feng Shui theories in modern and pragmatic terms. He has published many critically acclaimed Feng Shu titles in Chinese and English, including more than 10 all-time bestsellers on palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui and have earned much recognition worldwide.


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MPH - Your Fate in 2018: The Year of the Dog ISBN - 9789621465283