• The Independent Mind: Learning to Live a Life of Freedom

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    • Category : SPIRITUALISM
    • ISBN Code: 9781938755798
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Osho
    • Publisher: Osho Media International
    • Published Date: 24 Aug 2017


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Although the word 'psychology' does not come up in this book, this early work by Osho shows his deep understanding of the subject and his attempt to make the connection between meditation and a modern understanding of psychology that includes the importance that our minds play in determining and giving direction, on many levels, to our lives. Osho has taught for many years that meditation is not a religious exercise but a scientific method to understand what the mind is, and how it works, and to learn how to create a healthy distance from what is, in many ways, a programmed and robot-like mechanism that seems to be dominating our lives and decisions and activities more and more – and not always in a positive way. As Osho has said so often, beginning many decades ago - that humanity is afflicted by a deep and fundamental insanity, and that we initiate each new generation of children into that madness - is now becoming more and more obvious. The children who refuse to be initiated into that madness will appear rebellious or mad to their elders, who persist with the best intentions to force them onto the same path, to participate in the same madness. "It is utterly dangerous to be sane in this world," Osho says. "A sane person has to pay a heavy price for his sanity." Osho pleads in this book for what he calls an independent mind, independent thinking – and challenges us to question our belief that we are already great independent minds, a belief based on the lack of understanding that our thoughts mostly come from others, like a computer program full of malware downloaded into our brains.

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(Average rating 4.07 / 41 ratings / 4 reviews)
MPH - The Independent Mind: Learning to Live a Life of Freedom ISBN - 9781938755798