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    • ISBN Code: 9789834161170
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Temporal, Paul
    • Publisher: Kanyin Publications


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Branding is often associated with business-to-consumer (B2C) companies such as Nike and Colgate and deemed unsuitable for B2B (business-2-business) companies; yet the best global B2B companies treat branding as essential for success. This book is written specifically for B2B companies to remind them that business brands can be just as successful as consumer brands.

But what is branding? There is often confusion between branding, marketing and advertising, with many companies even equating a brand with a logo. This very readable book makes clear all the steps a company needs to go through in building and managing a strong brand.

It is often thought and said that branding is only for big companies, and not for local companies with small budgets, which is far from the truth. This book is a handy guide and reminder for small and medium sized businesses, that branding is relevent even for entrepreneurs and start-up entities. Case studies of many small and medium Malaysian B2B companies that have followed tried and tested branding techniques are featured, demonstrating that branding is for all those who have the ambition to learn, survive and prosper.


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