• The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer: Insights and Strategies for Asian Markets

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    • ISBN Code: 9781259071010
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Schmitt, Bernd
    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    • Published Date: 31 Oct 2013


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As Asia continues its economic growth, Asian consumers have become the focal point of business and commerce. How do Asian consumers behave in the marketplace? What makes them tick? And how can one grow the business with Asian consumers?

In this book, world-renowned thought leader Bernd Schmitt helps to navigate and maneuver the complex and diverse landscape of Asia. He brings the insights and a deep understanding of the Asian marketplace.
' Find out what middle-class consumers want'and what they buy'when their incomes rise.
' Learn why Asians are collectivists who are becoming increasingly individualistic.
' Discover that Asian consumers are driven by contradictory desires; they are, at the same time, Value Shopaholics, Functional Hedonists and Traditional Futurists.

Using these insights, Schmitt presents simple and useful methods and strategy tools that one can use to build a successful business with Asian consumers, such as:
' A strategy map to plan market entry
' A lifestyle tool to analyze consumer motivations and trends
' An omni-channel metric to assess the right mix of online and offline media

Schmitt's detailed analyses of specific Asian industries and markets 'including consumer electronics, fashion and lifestyle, food and beverage, airline, hotel, skincare and cosmetics, and e-commerce'serve as benchmarks and best practices for one's business.



MPH - The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer: Insights and Strategies for Asian Markets ISBN - 9781259071010