• 7 Days to Midnight, Gravedigger's Kiss and 44 Cemetery Road

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    • Category : MALAYSIAN FICTION
    • ISBN Code: 500007083506
    • Format : Bundle
    • By (Author): Tunku Halim
    • Publisher: MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
    • Published Date: 31 Oct 2013


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7 Days to Midnight
7 stories. 7 days.
Read each tale on its set day …
And you shall see a ghost.
Tempted? Slightly scared?

For it may just be true. The human mind works in disturbing ways. These 7 dark stories are born from such a place. They include a smartphone App that's just far too helpful, a shrine no one should visit, a world on the edge of destruction, a were-tiger that seduces a maid, and a woman who doesn't age.

Tunku Halim, the prince of shadows and imagination, has risen again to invite you into his world of suspense and the macabre.

Gravedigger's Kiss
Evil awaits. You see it in your neighbour's glimmering eyes. You hear it in the footsteps at the dead of night. You smell it in the frangipani blossoms on a wet lonely road. It hides in all shapes and guises. The fiendish bomoh … a murderous Datuk … a vengeful long-haired spirit … the psychotic colleague … and a naked bloody vampire. It restlessly awaits in this haunting selection of Tunku Halim's dark and gripping stories.

44 Cemetery Road
Evil awaits. In the tangled rows of terrace houses, in the shifting shadows of watching trees, in the gleaming corridors of the shopping mall. It hides in all shapes and guises. Meet the lustful seducer … a bloodthirsty vampire … the tongue-ripping cat … a deadly sexy maid … the knife-wielding psychopath. It restlessly waits, in this spine-tingling selection of Tunku Halim's very best stories.



MPH - 7 Days to Midnight, Gravedigger's Kiss and 44 Cemetery Road ISBN - 500007083506