• Suicide Club: If you could live forever would you?

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    • ISBN Code: 9781473672918
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Heng, Rachel
    • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
    • Published Date: 22 Jun 2018


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What are you doing to help yourself? What are you doing to show that you're worth the resources?
In a near-future world, medical technology has progressed far enough that immortality is now within grasp -but only to those who show themselves to be deserving of it. These people are the lifers: the exercisers, yogacisers, green juicers and early nighters.
Genetically perfect, healthy and wholesome, one hundred-year-old Lea is the poster girl for lifers, until the day she catches a glimpse of her father in the street, eighty-eight years after their last encounter. While pursuing him, Lea has a brush with death which sparks suspicions. If Lea could be so careless, is she worthy of immortality?
Suicide Club wasn't always an activist group. It began as a set of disillusioned lifers, gathering to indulge in forbidden activities: performances of live music, artery-clogging meals, irresponsible orgies. But now they have been branded terrorists and are hunted by the state.
And Lea has decided to give them a call.

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(Average rating 3.24 / 3356 ratings / 660 reviews)


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