• You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner

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    • Category : CHRISTIAN LIVING
    • ISBN Code: 9781455559671
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Osteen, Joel
    • Publisher: Faithwords
    • Published Date: 30 Sep 2014


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Joel Osteen focuses on the eight irrefutable traits and attributes of highly successful people. These personal qualities are tested through the ages and all types of circumstances. These practical principles guide the lives of champions:

Create bold visions - Dare to dream big dreams.
Run your own race - Focus on your unique course and goals.
Think positively - Control your thoughts and attitudes.
Expect Good things to happen-Anticipate great opportunities.
Stay Passionate - Light the fire within and approach life with enthusiasm.
Commit to excellence - Do your best and maintain high standards.
Keep growing - Deal with your weaknesses and continually improve.
Serve Others - Invest yourself in others.

Staff Review
I struggled through the first chapter - put something that you can always see in front of you if you want that to be your end result, because ultimately what we want may not be what God wills for us to have and I don't like the idea about indirect idolizing of things.

I told myself though, to push a little further into the second chapter. It was easier to grasp -  it basically tells us to follow God's will and to be true to ourselves in every way. How this relates back to what I feel about chapter one is something I would have to pray and think about.

I haven't finished the book but I would hope to before Christmas and New Year comes about. Have a blessed one to all of you. I think as the title says, "You Can. You Will." - Okay,  we gotta realign our focus to believe in what we have to do and know that as it is willed by God, we would be able to do it, we can do it. Yes, we will.


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(Average rating 4.36 / 2016 ratings / 260 reviews)


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