• The Case against Free Speech

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    • ISBN Code: 9781568588643
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): MOSKOWITZ, P.E.
    • Publisher: Bold Type Books
    • Published Date: 29 Aug 2019


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There's a critical debate taking place in this country over one of the most fundamental pillars of our democracy: free speech. But what few realize is that this debate is less a debate than a multi-decade war waged by the rich to redefine free speech, further a conservative agenda, and silence a progressive one.
The Case Against Free Speech takes readers into the battleground over this foundational concept, from the backrooms of think-tanks where the very definition of free speech is influenced by billionaires like the Koch Brothers; to "safe spaces" on college campuses; to neo-Nazi rallies protected by the police; and deep into the history of who benefits from free speech.
As Moskowitz shows, the rights associated with free speech have always been reserved primarily for those in power. The Case Against Free Speech offers a new politics of speech, one that takes into account power, equality, and all our civil liberties.

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(Average rating 4.00 / 75 ratings / 21 reviews)


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