• X-Venture X-Treme Xploration: Sadistic Swarm: Bugs (C18)

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    • Category : COMICS
    • ISBN Code: 9789673856626
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Kino
    • Publisher: Gempakstarz
    • Published Date: 29 Feb 2016


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Hope is hopeless when the Swarminator strikes!

Subjected to insect intrigue, Rain, Stone, and a painfully entomophobic Sean are sent to Vietnam to seek the son of bothered biochemist, Dr. Ruiz! With one cryptic clue to guide them, our heroes scuttle off in search of a mysterious masked menace, last seen leading a legion of locusts! A species emerging from extinction into a conflict between commercialisation and conservation, the Xplorers know their next move could upset a nest of nastiness! Is it supernatural or scientific? Will the paddy farmers prevail, or will the sinister swarm wielding weirdo win once and for all? Will justice be done or will it all fall beneath the onslaught of the SADISTIC SWARM?! 


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