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  • How to Become a Property Millionaire

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    • ISBN Code: 9789674160289
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Azizi Ali
    • Publisher: True Wealth Publishing
    • Published Date: 31 Jan 2013


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Properties have been one of the time tested wealth building vehicles throughout the ages. It has been the finest source of passive income for hundreds of years. Yet at the same time, it is more than just buying properties and selling them. This book, the follow up to How to Become a Millionaire Landlord, and updated to reflect the latest information and data, will guide you on what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why you must do it. It will show all these in a step-by-step manner so you can benefit from property investment.


  • The power of group purchase
  • The 3 critical success factors of property investment
  • The 11 essential points of property investment
  • The hottest locations in Malaysia
  • What types of properties make the best investment
  • The best financing for your purchases
  • The 5 ways to make a million from properties
  • Nothing Down techniques in Malaysia
  • The truth about Real Property Gains Tax


MPH - How to Become a Property Millionaire ISBN - 9789674160289