• She Speaks, He Listens: Time Tested Marriage Principles by One Odd Couple

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    • Category : WEDDINGS/MARRIGE
    • ISBN Code: 9789810972516
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Mousumi; Naveeen Bhat
    • Publisher: Mousumi and Naveen Bhat
    • Published Date: 07 Nov 2015


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What's a good way to balance one's career, finances and family? How does one create a strong communication bond in a marriage? What sacrifices and compromises need to be made, but with no regrets? If you are young ones in love, or a couple looking to improve your relationship, this book is a must read!

Just like a body needs physical fitness, marriages need "relationship fitness". This book talks about relationship fitness from the experiences of One Odd Couple. See how a couple with vastly different personalities, are able to manage independent and successful careers, raise two confident kids, pursue diverse interests, while keeping their relationship alive and exciting. Sounds impossible? It's not, read on.

Written in an interesting, funny, HERS and HIS style, this book offers simple life lessons and tips for how you too can achieve similar balance, excitement and harmony. The book is filled with real world examples, which you can relate to your own lives.

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MPH - She Speaks, He Listens: Time Tested Marriage Principles by One Odd Couple ISBN - 9789810972516