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    • ISBN Code: 9780230766518
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Guillebeau, Chris
    • Publisher: Pan


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Chris Guillebeau shares ideas for living life in a non-conventional way. He has never felt trapped in a career office job, has been his own boss in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and enjoys spending his free time in what he personally finds to be a fulfilling way. Now in his new book, this young visionary shows readers how to have it all – by creating a micro-business on the cheap that generates sufficient income to support a life of meaning and adventure.

The $100 Startup is a smart, accessible and inspirational guide to changing your work life to change your life. Using case studies from the US and around the world, it helps readers identify their own skill or passion that can lead to a profitable business. And the result? You can break free from the nine-to-five life, be your own boss and have enough time and money to do what makes life meaningful for you.

Staff Review

General message of the book: Anybody can start their own business. The book is a collection of tips that are backed up by qualitative research and analysis done by Chris Guillebeau that's leading mostly to anecdotal evidence.

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(Average rating 3.85 / 48864 ratings / 1666 reviews)


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