• Hyla Architects: Modern Singapore Living (Master Architect)

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We live in a densely populated world where statements are being made wherever we look. Architecture is forever sprouting taller, bigger, louder, as if the buildings themselves are vying for our attention. Where, then, can the people of a busy city like Singapore find their hidden haven?
For those at HYLA Architects, that escape is the home. HYLA's approach to building houses is singular and precise - a marriage of pure forms and dynamic spaces. Exteriors are strong and simple, interiors are thoughtful and sensuous. The works within the pages of this spectacularly beautiful monograph detail the firm's perspectives in sculpting homes that are distinct and sincere. Clarity is the core tenet, and one of the guiding principles of their architectural practice. All of HYLA's projects come with careful consideration for tropical Asian living - always seeking to achieve both modernity and timelessness that reflect culture and society. An exploration of strategies that seamlessly bring together exterior and interior, their creations delicately incorporate climate, surroundings, and, where possible, nature into their composition.
While the values of strength, clarity and dynamism remain constant, each site and client differ, and naturally, so do the homes. Consciously, HYLA's houses are often punctuated with light. Using different kinds of filters in various materials, HYLA explores fixed and operable screens to diffuse light, welcome circulation of air, and safeguard privacy. These screens, interchangeable to create patterns on the façades, can be reflective of the resident's mood, allowing these homes to truly take on the owner's individuality. HYLA strives to push the boundaries of modern tropical architecture, continuously seeking to create new typologies that accommodate contemporary Asian lifestyles in a moderated environment.

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MPH - Hyla Architects: Modern Singapore Living (Master Architect) ISBN - 9781864707199