• The Digital Photography Book: Part 1 (Second Edition)

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    • ISBN Code: 9780321934949
    • Format : Paperback
    • By (Author): Kelby, Scott
    • Publisher: New Riders
    • Published Date: 20 May 2013


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This updated, second edition of the bestselling digital photography book of all time includes many new images; up to date information on gear, pricing, and links; and a new chapter from the author on the "Ten Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was First Starting Out in Photography."

Here's how Scott describes this book's brilliant premise: “If you and I were out on a shoot, and you asked me, ‘Hey, how do I get this flower to be in focus, with the background out of focus?,' I wouldn't stand there and give you a photography lecture. In real life, I'd just say, ‘Put on your zoom lens, set your f-stop to f/2.8, focus on the flower, and fire away.' That's what this book is all about: you and I out shooting where I answer questions, give you advice, and share the secrets I've learned just like I would with a friend without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak.” This isn't a book of theory full of confusing jargon and detailed concepts.

This is a book on which button to push, which setting to use, and when to use it. With over 200 of the most closely guarded photographic “tricks of the trade,” this book gets you shooting dramatically better looking, sharper, more colorful, more professional looking photos every time.


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(Average rating 4.10 / 5231 ratings / 426 reviews)


MPH - The Digital Photography Book: Part 1 (Second Edition) ISBN - 9780321934949