Search Tips

From the "QUICK FIND" search box, choose either one of the following options: Title, Author, ISBN, Publisher, or Keywords from the pull-down menu. Next, click on the empty text box below the option to enter your search text. If you wish to search for exact matches, please enclose your search text in double quotes("). When you're done, click on the "GO" button. A list of books that matches your search criteria will then be listed.

Searching by Title

Enter all or part of the title. You can leave out words such as "a", "an," or "the." The search engine will try to find books that have all the words you entered in the title. If no books are found with all the words, the search engine will try to find books with some of the words.

Searching by Author

Enter all or part of the author name. You do not need to enter a first name, but if there are a lot of books by authors with the same last name it may help to limit the results. You can enter a name as John Grisham or Grisham, John.

Searching by Publisher

Enter all or the main part of the publisher name. For example, conduct a search for "Harvey Books" to find all titles by "Harvey Books & Sons".

Searching by ISBN

Fill in the full or part of the ten-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in the ISBN search field. The ISBN number is usually found at the bottom of the back cover of a book. The search will return a result of the book with the exact ISBN number. If you have filled in a part ISBN number, then the search will return a listing of all the books with ISBN number containing the part ISBN number filled in by you.

Searching by Keywords

The keyword search looks for all the words you entered relating to the title, author, subjects, and categories of books. For example, if you search "World War II", the search results page will display all books that contain "World War II" in the title or author name, and are about "World War II". You can be as general (eg "Travel") or as specific (eg "Bali Spas") as you wish. But, if you use "Keywords," your search results may be very long. It is better to choose author or title if you know that is what you are looking for.

Search Display

The search results page displays information about the book(s) that match your search by using a percentage index to indicate how accurate the results are in relation to your search criteria. The higher the percentage, the more accurate are the findings that match what you seek. If the search engine isn't able to find any exact matches for your search, it will provide a book inquiry request form for you to fill in required formation about the book.


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