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The Ontogenesis of Knowledge Acquisition [eBook]
Belohlavek, Peter
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The Ontogenesis of Knowledge Acquisition is a consultation book on the unicist ontology of human learning developed for those who are responsible for designing learning processes. There are two possible languages in consultation books, one for "patients" and one for "doctors". This is a book for "doctors". This book is part of the Collection of the Unicist R&D books that were developed by Peter Belohlavek synthesizing the ontological researches that began in 1976. It goes into the depth of human complex adaptive behavior. It covers, among other subjects: perception and ambiguity, the personal attitude for knowledge acquisition, human intelligence, languages as drivers or inhibitors of conscious learning, learning to manage real problems, the unicist ontology of learning, teaching objects: research, cognitive objects and quality assurance, unicist anthropology: social drivers and inhibitors for knowledge acquisition and mind traps: individual inhibitors for knowledge acquisition.

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Product ID : 9789876510493
Format : eBook
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Publisher : Blue Eagle Group
Published Date : 01-JUL-2011

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  1. The Ontogenesis of Knowledge Acquisition [eBook]

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