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7 Days to Midnight [eBook]
Tunku Halim
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7 stories. 7 days. Read each tale on its set day ... And you shall see a ghost. Tempted? Slightly scared? For it may just be true. The human mind works in disturbing ways. These 7 dark stories are born from such a place. They include a smartphone App that's just far too helpful, a shrine no one should visit, a world on the edge of destruction, a were-tiger that seduces a maid, and a woman who doesn't age. Tunku Halim, the prince of shadows and imagination, has risen again to invite you into his world of suspense and the macabre. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: TUNKU HALIM is the author of two novels, a novella and several collections of short stories, the latest being 44 Cemetery Road and Gravedigger's Kiss. His novel, Dark Demon Rising, was nominated for the 1999 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award whilst his second novel, Vermillion Eye, was a study text at the National University of Singapore. He also writes non-fiction, including the best-selling A Children's History of Malaysia and History of Malaysia: A Children's Encyclopedia. His essay on Margot Livesey's Eva Moves the Furniture was recently published in Twenty-First-Century Gothic: Great Gothic Novels Since 2000. Besides writing, he enjoys taking walks along the beach and getting himself into awkward positions on a yoga mat.

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Published Date : 01-NOV-2013

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  1. 7 Days to Midnight [eBook]

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