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Rachel in Love [eBook]
Murphy, Pat
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Winner of the 1987 Nebula Award! Rachel has the mind of a teenage girl, but the body and the innocent heart of a young chimp. Sometimes when she looks at her gnarled brown fingers, they seem alien, wrong, out of place. She remembers having small, pale, delicate hands with painted fingernails. Memories lie upon memories, layers upon layers, like the sedimentary rocks of the desert buttes. Aaron Jacobs, the man Rachel calls father, was a neurologist who discovered how to capture the electrical pattern of a living brain's thoughts and memories. When his daughter died unexpectedly, the grieving father imposed the electrical pattern of the girl's brain on a young chimp, creating Rachel, a chimp he recognizes as his daughter. Rachel knows that she is a real girl - but when Aaron Jacobs dies, she must make her way in a world that treats her as nothing but an animal.

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Product ID : 9781611875034
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 228KB
Publisher : Untreed Reads Publishing
Published Date : 01-JAN-2013

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  1. Rachel in Love [eBook]
  2. Rachel in Love [eBook]

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