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Gun Boss of Tumbleweed [eBook]
Hubbard, L. Ron
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Mart Kincaid, a man in the Clint Eastwood mold, may be the fastest gun in the state, but his life is not his own.  It belongs to Gar Malone, a rancher driven by his thirst for power and more land. Now Gar wants the Singing Canyon spread, and blackmails Kincaid into running its owners off. But that means driving away Sally Drake, and that’s the last thing Kincaid wants to do.  It’s time to settle up, once and for all, with the blackmailing Malone. 

Most of the Westerns published in the all-fiction magazines of the first half of the twentieth century were written by authors more familiar with the streets of New York than the cattle trails of Texas. Hubbard bucked the trend, and in the process changed the face of the Western adventure. He grew up in a time and a place where the Old West, though fading, still lived. His unique knowledge of the frontier, of its ways and its people, made him an authentic voice of this unique American experience.

Also includes the Western adventure Blood on His Spurs, in which two men have to find a way to end their feud . . . or pay a high price in blood and money.

“Heart-racing plot charges at the speed of thrumming horses’ hooves.”
  —Library Journal

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Product ID : 9781592122745
Format : eBook
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Pages : 131
Publisher : Galaxy Press
Published Date : 01-MAY-2013

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  1. Gun Boss of Tumbleweed [eBook]
  2. Gun Boss of Tumbleweed [eBook]

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