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When Robins Sing [eBook]
Taylor, Paul
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Estelle Stanforth has one burning ambition in life - to become a doctor. Nothing is allowed to come between her and her quest, and both men and the war raging around her are put to the back of her mind as she relentlessly pursues her goal. Then one day she meets the man of her dreams, Duncan Metcalf, a farmer's son who has two passions in life - the family farm and flying. The two young lovers are untouched by the tragedies of war until Duncan decides to take up the fight and joins the RAF. Estelle's idyllic world comes crashing down around her as first her father is killed in action and then Duncan is shot down and seriously injured. Having quit medical school to look after her bereaved mother, she finds herself embroiled in a daily battle for her husband's sanity as together they fight his despair and the pain of his crippled body. When Robins Sing is the story of a young woman in wartime Britain whose incredible tenacity and infectious personality carry her and her loved ones through all adversity into a new dawn.

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Published Date : 01-JUN-2013

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