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Birdy the Backyard Blue Jay: Wing Adventure [eBook]
Brown, Paul
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Birdy the Backyard Blue Jay: Wing Adventures takes the reader sailing through the blue sky with Birdy and his friends, on all sorts of high flying winged adventures and trips. The reader will meet all of Birdy's friends that live in Birdy's White Oak Bayou Basin backyard. Birdy encounters kittens and dogs and castles and countries, as Birdy high flies all around the world with his bird bride Birdella. Come along and join Birdy on one of his Birdy encounters! Birdy flies away to Scotland, Dubai, Japan and Korea in exciting adventures to towers and skyscrapers. Birdy encounters fur pests and lawn mowers, edger's and leaf blowers in his backyard. Birdy learns to live alongside the likes of Le Peep and Helmut, and to search the world for lost little Lucita birds. Birdy's friend, Barky, starts as a little seed and grows into a tall tree. Antie, Grassy and Skippy all take on adventures of their own, in their adventures into the woods. Come along and join Birdy and friends, in Birdy the Backyard Blue Jay: Wing Adventures.

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Product ID : 9781481751766
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 12454KB
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Published Date : 01-MAY-2013

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  1. Birdy the Backyard Blue Jay: Wing Adventure [eBook]

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