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Dalton's Dream: My Ancestors Sailed from Scotland in the Mid 1700's [eBook]
Jones, Paula
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Dalton's Dream is about a twelve-year-old boy from the twenty-first century who falls asleep after reading his family history book, which shows what it was like for a twelve-year-old growing up in the early 1800s and the challenge of daily survival. In his dream, Dalton wakes up in the year of 1839 to a gunshot and finds himself sitting on a wooded snowy ground next to a stream, still holding his cell phone and wearing his red soccer uniform. He meets his ancestors and tells them what their future will be. This book was inspired by Dalton's family history book and was written with the hope that young adults would take a serious interest in their family history and appreciate the sacrifices their ancestors made for them. This book is also intended to give young adults a fresh awareness of how fortunate they are to live in the twenty-first century with modern conveniences and to have a better appreciation for their parents and teachers, making them realize how important getting an education is for a better future.

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  1. Dalton's Dream: My Ancestors Sailed from Scotland in the Mid 1700's [eBook]

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