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Selected Poetry Book II: Variations on Themes [eBook]
Shapshak PhD, Paul
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SELECTED POETRY, Book II, VARIATIONS ON THEMES (with a few poems restrung from Book I) is a book of poetry by Paul Shapshak, PhD. There are also 10 photographs and a cover photograph of paintings and sculptures by the poet's father, Sir Rene Shapshak. The photographs were taken by one of the poet's sons, Dag Shapshak, MD. (For additional information, see the poet-author description from the back cover.) This book divides into eight sections, Pastoral, Mythology, Cosmology, Theology, History, Social, Economics, and the Arts as was done in Book I. Poetic forms that appear in this book include Cantos, Epigrammes, and Haikus. A point is never completed, but builds and stretches examining time shifts, time drifts, and geographical climes, explored with surprises, and some balls hit out the ballpark. Some are paintings done at the beach by cliffs or in fields by streams, every hour on the hour that vary in chiaroscuro, color, and overtones by time of day and evening. The poet enjoys and hopes that you will as well.

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  1. Selected Poetry Book II: Variations on Themes [eBook]

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