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Valencies: A Science Fiction Novel [eBook]
Broderick, Damien
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In the year 4004 AD, the entire universe of habitable worlds has been filled with human beings, thanks to an ancient teleport network and unlimited growth. Humans live on more than a hundred quadrillion terraformed planets, all woven into a bureaucratic and restrictive Empire. VALENCIES tracks a frustrated group of libertarian anarchists on the marginal planet Victoria. Kael, son of three gay doctors, and Theri, daughter of a man and woman bound by maniacal doctrinal tenets, are a young couple in a cosmos of complacent immortals. Ben and Anla the clone rage and passionately make up in a cycle of dominance and submission as old as history or myth. And slipping like a mad trickster between the four is Catsize, former commander, terrible poet crazed by two millennia of thwarted revolutions, hilarious prankster, an instigator of mischief and healer of souls. VALENCIES tells with pathos and humor a richly detailed portrait of the struggle against an Empire that's prepared to obliterate an entire world. Brian W. Aldiss said about this book: "One of the most playful SF novels of recent years."

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Product ID : 9781479400485
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 1203KB
Pages : 206
Publisher : Wildside Press
Published Date : 01-MAR-2013

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  1. Valencies: A Science Fiction Novel [eBook]
  2. Valencies: A Science Fiction Novel [eBook]

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