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The Joy of Being: Sharing words of love, insight, and humor [eBook]
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Life is but a moment
Between our birth and our demise . . .
A small dash between tombstone numbers
Marks the living of our lives.

Whether young or old, rich or poor,
All dash lengths are the same,
But what will be remembered
Is how well you lived each day.
You may boast about success in life, but
No matter how successful you've been,
It's the deeds you've done for others
That will be remembered in the end!

So use your dash wisely
While you're here on this earth,
And you will be remembered
Always . . . beginning with your birth.

But if your focus has been only on self,
And you've cared not for anyone else,
And your attitude has been rotten, then once gone,
You will be totally and forever

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Published Date : 01-JUL-2013

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  1. The Joy of Being: Sharing words of love, insight, and humor [eBook]

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