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Divine Deposit: Passing Shadows [eBook]
Wilson, Marilyn Virginia
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This was a challenging and inspirational book to write. I rewrote the poems to be more fun, inspirational, and soul searching. The Holy Spirit brouhgt thoughts alive in me that I did not know how to put on pper. Then I just began to writie and rewrite and looked up and there was about 60 poems are more. Your thoughts can be open to a new way of life. Come on get on board and take a gossamer journey into the unknown. Be open to new ways of life and don't put a period at the end of a sentence but just do a colon to continue on with life. Life is infinite and not finite.

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Product ID : 9781468539349
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 2350KB
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Published Date : 01-JUN-2013

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  1. Divine Deposit: Passing Shadows [eBook]

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