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The Tax Analects of Li Fei Lao [eBook]
'Larry', Laurence E.
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This is a down-to-earth explanation (with the author's own cartoons) of how to do business and cope with the tax laws of 9 jurisdictions of Asia. Initially published in 2009, this critically acclaimed book explains how to start a business, how the business will be taxed, how the owners/participants will be taxed, mixed in with humorous foibles about life in Asia as an American expat.

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Product ID : 9781456607104
Format : eBook
File Type : Portable Document Format (PDF)
File Size : 2909KB
Pages : 248
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Published Date : 01-FEB-2012

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Author Collection:
  1. The Tax Analects of Li Fei Lao [eBook]
  2. The Tax Analects of Li Fei Lao [eBook]

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