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The Keeper [eBook]
Hawke, Rosanne
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Twelve-year-old Joel Billings wants a father more than anything. He hasn’t had it easy – the school bully picks on him and his parents abandoned him long ago. He lives with his over-protective gran, who won’t even let him enter a fishing competition. Joel reckons having a dad would solve all his problems, so he advertises for one in the newspaper. When a tattooed, long-haired biker named Dev Eagle answers the ad, Joel’s world is turned upside down. But Dev is not the only new stranger in town – someone from Joel’s past is back to haunt him. This gripping book is the first in a trilogy for middle-reader boys, which continues with Sailmaker and Killer Ute.

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Product ID : 9780702251320
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 326KB
Pages : 144
Publisher : University of Queensland Press
Published Date : 01-APR-2013

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  1. The Keeper [eBook]
  2. The Keeper [eBook]

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