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Deucalion [eBook]
Caswell, Brian
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Across light years of space, millions of settlers have come to the planet Deucalion to escape their past and build a future. Deucalion is a source of great wealth, and offers a chance of a new beginning. But what does this mean for the Elokoi, who lived there first, or for the children of Icarus, who made the journey for another reason? And why are people mysteriously dying? Author Brian Caswell merges fact and fantasy in this excursion into future-history. Deucalion is the first novel in the Deucalion Sequence trilogy.

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Product ID : 9780702248573
Format : eBook
File Type : Acrobat Ebook Reader
File Size : 1103KB
Pages : 248
Publisher : University of Queensland Press
Published Date : 01-JUN-2013

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  1. Deucalion [eBook]
  2. Deucalion [eBook]

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