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International IMPAC Dublin Literary Winner - 2012

Even the Dogs (International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2012)
Author : McGregor, Jon

“They break down the door at the end of December and carry his body away”

On a still and frozen day between Christmas and New Year, a man's body is found lying in his ruined flat. Found, and then taken away, examined, investigated and...

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International IMPAC Dublin Literary Winner - 2011

Let The Great World Spin (IMPAC 2011; National Book Award 2009)
Author : McCann, Colum
In the dawning light of a late-summer morning, the people of lower Manhattan stand hushed, staring up in disbelief at the Twin Towers. It is August 1974, and a mysterious tightrope walker is running, dancing, leaping between the towers, suspended a...
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 International IMPAC Dublin Literary - Shortlist 2011

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The Lacuna (Winner of Orange Prize for Fiction 2010)
Author : Kingsolver, Barbara
Mexico, 1938. Harrison Shepherd is working in the household of famed muralist Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo. Sometimes cook, sometimes secretary , Shepherd is always an observer, recording his experiences in diaries and notebooks. When exiled...
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The Vagrants
Author : Yiyun Li

In the provincial town of Muddy Waters in China, a young woman named Gu Shan is sentenced to death for her loss of faith in Communism. She is twenty-eight years old and has already spent ten years in prison. The citizens stage a protest after her...

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Author : Malouf, David
What happens when a young prince falls in battle and his body is spirited away to be desecrated and dishonoured?His death is the battle price of another young man's death, but what price dishonour and a father's grief? In this exquisite gem of a...
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Author : Crummey, Michael
When a whale beaches itself on the shore of the remote coastal town of Paradise Deep, the last thing any of the townspeople expect to find inside it is a man, silent and reeking of fish, but remarkably alive. The...
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Little Bird of Heaven
Author : Oates,Carol Joyce

‘A writer of extraordinary strengths' Guardian

Set in the mythical small city of Sparta, New York, this searing, vividly rendered exploration of the mysterious conjunction of erotic romance and tragic violence in late 20th-century...

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Jasper Jones
Author : Silvey,Craig
Charlie Bucktin, a bookish thirteen year old, is startled one summer night by an urgent knock on his bedroom window. His visitor is Jasper Jones, an outcast in their small mining town, and he has come to ask for Charlie's help. Terribly afraid but...
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Author : Toibin, Colm

It is Ireland in the early 1950s and for Eilis Lacey, as for so many young Irish girls, opportunities are scarce. So when her sister arranges for her to emigrate to New York, Eilis knows she must go, leaving behind her family and her home for the...

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Love and Summer
Author : Trevor, William
It is summer and a stranger has come to quiet Rathmoye. He is noticed by Ellie, the young convent girl, who is married to Dillahan, a farmer still mourning his first wife. Over the long and warm days, Ellie and the stranger form an illicit...
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After The Fire, A Still Small Voice
Author : Wyld, Evie

Frank and Leon are two men from different times, discovering that sometimes all you learn from your parents' mistakes is how to make different ones of your own.

Frank is trying to escape his troubled past by running away to his...

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